August 7, 2016

Starting from a new academic year Ugra is applying chess as a compulsory subject. Pupils of all primary schools of the region will attend chess classes on mandatory basis.  In secondary school chess will be taught as an optional subject. Such a statement was made by the governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova during the opening ceremony of the XVII Anatoly Karpov International chess in Poykovsky, Nefteyugansk region on July’24.


The tournament finished on August’01. The winner title was awarded to the Ukrainian grandmaster Anton Korobov.

The head of Khanty-Mansiysk and the president of Ugra Chess Federation Vasily Filipenko thanked the governor for the decision to make chess a compulsory subject.

“It took us several years to come to this decision.  A great deal of work was done. Now every pupil of our region will have an opportunity to learn how to play chess. There’s nothing to be afraid of. During the teat phase we have noticed that children like chess lessons, because no good marks are obligatory there. The main aim of the lessons is to acquaint kids with chess and to raise their interest in the game. And if this interest becomes serious, pupils will have an opportunity to join chess schools and advances courses. During my 10-year work in Ugra Chess Federation I can say that the number of young chess-lovers is constantly growing in the region. Besides, this game helps children to get better grades in school” – said Vasily Filipenko.

It is remarkable that the decision to make chess a compulsory subject in the schools of Ugra was announces during the tournament in Poykovsky. The big chess history of the region started from these competitions. Many first-level grandmasters were participating in it, thus making it possible for Ugra chess players to meet professionals that are now at the top of world ratings, and to learn the psychology of the winners.